website-iconFor years I have worked building websites and creating digital imagery.

All of the imagery, logos, and graphics on the website are of my own imagination and graphic design, and I maintain this website myself. Well, some of the icons, product photos, and other small graphics are images from the internet that I use as-is or modify slightly, however I’m sure you can recognize that much of the imagery is of my own creation.

I’ve worked with numerous companies and individuals to create digital imagery, logos, and websites that are are both visually stunning and functionally simple.  My most recent design is for a local eatery (and venue where I also perform music); Brooklyn V’s Pizza of Gilbert, Arizona.

Generally speaking, I find the WordPress platform to be the most intuitive and easiest to manage interface on the market. WordPress allows for simple yet beautiful site creation through the use of themes (both free and paid), and the WordPress front-end gives the site owner powerful yet easy-to-use tools to keep their site updated without the need for constant tech support or IT help.

This ease of publishing gives me the ability to create websites for customers at very reasonable prices; often a fraction of what what your typical publishing house would charge.  When I create a WordPress-based site, I give full instruction on its use and maintenance.  This means that very often there is no need for contracted support; the sites are so easy to maintain that the client can do it on his/her own.  Of course, I am always available for tech support.  But rarely does this require a monthly or annual fee for continued maintenance.  This results in significant cost savings for my clients.

Need a functional and beautiful website? Want something that is simple, easy to manage, and doesn’t require constant IT intervention to keep running? Feel free to contact me to discuss your project and ideas.

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