New Gear: Bose L1 Model II

l1_model_2_system_xlgQuality equipment is incredibly important for getting the most out of a performance.  To that end, I recently acquired a new Bose L1 Model II speaker system, complete with T1 ToneMatch mixer, and I couldn’t be happier.  This top-of-the-line Bose system has the flexibility to be used at small, intimate settings, while still retaining plenty of power in reserve for those large, outdoor venues or crowds of 500 people or more.

The proprietary design of the Bose L1 spreads sound evenly nearly 180 degrees, meaning there’s no “loud spot” right in front of the speakers, nor “muffled” sound to the sides.  Everything sounds the same no matter where a listener may be, and the sound is smooth and crisp, but never harsh or invasive.

The Bose L1 also looks fantastic – the “upright stick” design is incredibly elegant, and eliminates the need for unsightly speaker stands, bulky speaker cabinets, and ugly cable runs.  It’s modern, sleek, and also extremely portable.  I’m able to load everything I need for a gig on rolling cart, so I only make one trip in, and one trip out.

Come on out to show to see and hear it for yourself!

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