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You may be asking “What exactly is a House Concert?”  Well, allow me to explain:

A House Concert (or Listening Party) is a relatively new performance model for me.  A friend introduced me to the concept, and I find it’s an amazing way to really connect with people through music.  Here’s how it works:

I come to your home, set up, and perform.  That’s about it!  But unlike your typical backyard mix-and-mingle party, your guests are seated theater-style for the purpose of watching the performance.  Listening intently is encouraged.  Talking or texting is not.  This can take place in your home or backyard, with guests seated on folding chairs, sofas, or however you’d like to set up your space for comfort and optimal listening.

A typical house concert is about 60 to 90 minutes, and I will perform some of my favorite and most intricate cover songs and original compositions.  I explain my live looping techniques, and give demonstrations of how it is used within the song selections I’m playing.  It’s an intimate setting with plenty of time for interaction, questions, laughter, and fun.

“But Ian – it says FREE House Concerts – is it really free?”  Well, in the traditional sense of charging a fee for my services, yes – it is free.  I do not charge you to have me perform at your home.  What I do ask is that you guarantee a certain number of guests – usually 15 or more.  And that your guests understand that this is a donation-based performance, and they are encouraged to contribute.  A typical donation would be $20 per person, however there is no set requirement.

I truly love performing in this type of setting.  It allows me the freedom to really dig in to some great songs that are not always suitable for – or appreciated in – a bar or “party” atmosphere.  Some songs are very dynamic and emotional selections that really only play well to a captive, attentive audience.  I relish the opportunity to perform these types of songs for an audience that will really appreciate them.

If you’re interested in a Free House Concert (and by now, you should be!), please contact me so we may discuss scheduling.  As you can see from my calendar page, my weekends are often fully-booked several months in advance, so contact me as early as possible to schedule your show.  I look forward to hearing from you!

I am available for any type of live music situation, including:

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