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Let’s face it – booking and scheduling musicians can be a hassle.  First, you’ve got to find talented people.  Then coordinate a schedule and negotiate fees.  Next, hope the people you hired are reliable, on time, and professional.  And even under the best of circumstances, you’ll get last-minute cancellations and requests to make schedule changes that throw the whole system into chaos.

I can remove these burdens from your otherwise busy schedule, and do it for a fee that is far less than you might expect.

With a large network of very talented and serious professionals (including myself!), I can find the right people to help create the atmosphere you’re looking for.  Be it a solo act, duo, DJ, open mic or karaoke host, I only recommend musicians and hosts I know I can count on, because I put my reputation on the line by booking them.  And with that wide-reaching network, scheduling conflicts and last-minute changes are usually solved with just a few phone calls.

So if you’re looking to get started booking talent into your establishment, or you’re ready to turn your booking duties over to someone you can trust, give me a call or send me a text or email.  Together, we can make your entertainment schedule successful and hassle-free.

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