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I played my first full-night solo show at age 21, and I’ve been doing it ever since. Performing in bars, pubs, and restaurants has always been – and continues to be – my “bread and butter”, and with literally thousands of shows under my belt, I still love it as much today as I did that first time.

With all that experience comes the ability to ‘read’ a crowd; to zone in on what music the patrons are enjoying, and play more of that style or genre.

And while I enjoy the spotlight, I never forget the real mission:  To make a great night for the customers.  To create a vibe and atmosphere that will bring them back to that specific establishment again and again, even on nights when I am not the performer.

With a repertoire of well over 300 rock- and pop-focused songs (and growing all the time), I can always find what the people want to hear, and present it with an energy that they can’t ignore.

I can also act as emcee for your evening – great for charity nights and other events that require announcements, raffle giveaways, introductions, etc.

Are you a bar or restaurant owner looking for a standout performer for your establishment?  One that will keep people coming back?  Please feel free to use the form below, or call/text to 480.773.9946 to discuss your needs and schedule!

I am available for any type of live music situation, including:

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